Cling Cloth Bread Wrap


Big Baguette? Awkward Boule? Hate to let that artisan bread go stale? Bread Wrap Cling Cloth gives your bread extended life.

Our beeswax bread wrap does the job no plastic wrap can handle. Keep that lovely pain going strong for a second day – even a third!. ¬†Also superb for wrapping the casserole pan leftovers or food brought to friends. So many uses – you’ll be happy to have this stylish wrap on hand.

1 Extra Large Bread Beeswax Food Wrap 40 cm x 60 cm

Made with beeswax, tree resin, organic jojoba oil infused into organic cotton cloth.

Wash in COLD water with eco-friendly dish soap. No microwaves or hot temperatures. Not recommended for use with raw meats.

Lasts 6 months-1 year + depending on usage, then add to your compost.

All Natural | Reusable | Washable | Breathable | Compostable

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Cling Cloth Bread Wrap. 60cm x 40 cm.

How to use Cling Cloths

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Weight .115 kg
Dimensions 180 x 135 x 10 mm

2 reviews for Cling Cloth Bread Wrap

  1. 5 out of 5

    Oh my god I am so happy I found these! I love good, fresh bread, but never finish a whole loaf. I always struggle to figure out how to keep it and it is always completely stale the next day. When I wrap them with Cling Cloth, they stay fresh for so much longer – seems like up to 3 days!

  2. 5 out of 5

    I use my bread wrap all the time for bread, but also for wrapping dishes when I take meals to my in-laws for Sunday Lunch. Stays put better than foil and cling film, and I love the way they look. My mother in-law bought some too after seeing how handy. And when we are done, it folds neatly into a little square so it is easy to bring home after a quick wash.

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