We ship Cling Cloth using Royal Mail first class.

We ship world wide. However, we focus on British Isles and Europe as there are comparable products produced in the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and we would rather locals support those companies and keep the environmental costs of shipping to a minimum.

However, if you live in a far-flung (from the UK of course) area and would love to try our wraps, we will get it to you in the best way possible!

You can view our shipping rates here.

Our rates are as follows.

Anywhere in the UK:

2-5 working days £1.40
Next working day: £1.75

Mainland Europe:
5-7 working days: £10.00

7-9 working days: £12.00

7-9 working days: £9.00

Live somewhere else and just have to have a Cling Cloth? Please contact us and we’ll advise you on the least expensive shipping cost we can offer.

We have been given used Jiffy bags by The Friends of the Earth UK who wanted to see bags from their Clean Air Campaign reused. We happily accepted hundreds of them and until they run out, we will be shipping your parcel in these reused bags to save on the environmental costs associated with getting Cling Cloth to your door! We hope you will appreciate the reduction in packaging waste.